Impact Grants

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Mission: "Every child has a dream. Petaluma Educational Foundation creates community partnerships to fulfill these dreams. We believe in them. We empower them. We invest in their future."

Since 1983, the PEF Impact Grant Program has given $3,760,019 to teachers, administrators, and parents to fund projects not covered in the school budget. The purpose of these grants is to reward innovative academic programs and foster excellence in education benefiting all Petaluma area students. During the 2018- 2019 school year PEF awarded $200,614 in grants supporting in a variety of academic focus areas.

PEF staff and board members visit schools to announce campus grant awards!


Typically, areas of focus for awarding PEF Impact Grants include:
• Literacy & Language Arts
• Math & Science
• Humanities
• Fine Arts
• Vocational Education/Life Skills
• Athletics, Nutrition & Well-Being
• PEF T.E.C. Initiative & S.T.E.A.M.

Since late March we have been in regular communication with our districts and principals to identify how PEF can increase our support of local students and schools during this very challenging time. As a result of these many discussions, we are announcing some important changes to our traditional PEF Impact Grant Program for the 2020-2021 school year.  These changes are intended to support you and your students as you navigate distance learning, on-campus instruction, or a hybrid of the two formats.  

The two most commonly shared funding needs of all districts are Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and Technology (access and devices). This year, PEF’s Grant Program will shift from funding a variety of academic programs to support these two focus areas. Awards will be up to $5,000 per grant request. We have also changed the deadline to submit your application (August 25, 2020). These adjustments are meant to provide support earlier in the year and increase the number of schools that can access grant funding at this challenging time.

ELIGIBILITY: Principals with groups of teachers in TK-12 public, charter, and not for profit private schools in the Petaluma Area are eligible for the PEF Grant Program. All grant applications must be approved and signed by the site principal(s). Elementary schools are eligible to apply for one award and secondary schools are eligible to apply for two.

FOCUS AREA QUALIFICATION: Grant proposals must qualify in at least one of the Focus Areas listed below:
SEL – Social and Emotional Learning
TECH – Devices and/or access for parity within a school

PEF believes it is our responsibility to observe and evaluate each awarded grant as an on-going process throughout the academic year. We work with our school partners to ensure the awarded grants are implemented as described in the application and record the outcomes to demonstrate the ongoing impact

PEF awarded over $200,000 in PEF Impact Grants during the current 2018-19 school year include:

  • STEAM Lab Learning: $11,000 (Grant Elementary School)
  • Embarking on Engineering: $9,900 (McKinley Elementary School)
  • Universal Design for Learning/Steam: $14,000 (Corona Creek Elementary School)
  • Growing Student STEAM Leaders: $15,000 (Two Rock Elementary School)
  • Think Tank: Robotics, Digital Media and Coding: $14,565 (Wilson School)
  • What’s Possible/Coding & Engineering Instruction: $13,489 (Meadow Elementary School)
  • Full Steam Ahead Project/STEAM Initiative: $20,000 (St. Vincent Elementary School)
  • Sustainable Robotics: $10,824 (Casa Grande High School)
  • Classroom Technology Initiative: $6,970 (Harvest Christian School)
  • Curiosity on Display/Digital Instructional Program: $12,515 (Mary Collins School at Cherry Valley)
  • McDowell Monarchs Taking the Lead with Digital Instructional: $8,605 (McDowell Elementary School)
  • Diving Deeper and Soaring Beyond the Text Literacy Focus: $13,920 (La Tercera Elementary School)
  • Learning to Speak and Read Spanish Curriculum Focus: $5,000 (Valley Vista Elementary)
  • Music for All: $10,797 (Old Adobe Elementary School)
  • Puentes Music Program: $12,529 (Loma Vista Immersion Academy)
Each year, PEF Board members visit the grants “in action” to evaluate the impact and gain a true understanding of how we are elevating the ecuational opportunities for all students through the PEF Imapct Grnat Program.