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Fund the Future & Foster Excellence

Sonoma Mountain Elementary's stage now shines brighter than ever!

Thanks to PEF’s Fund the Future Impact Grant, Sonoma Mountain Elementary has transformed its Performing Arts program with state-of-the-art lighting and sound technology. Students now experience the magic of theater with tools that elevate their performances, fostering creativity and confidence that resonate far beyond the curtain call.

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Meet Isabel

For Isabel, the idea of attending college seemed like a distant dream.

Thanks to PEF’s scholarship program, Isabel was able to graduate from UC Davis with a major in Art Studio and a minor in Chicano/a studies. Discover how you can help students like Isabel realize their dreams.

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Cultivating Creativity & Leadership

Andrew Gotshall is an alumnus of Kenilworth Junior High and Case Grande High.

Andrew's journey showcases PEF’s role in nurturing students’ innate talents.

Starting with middle school multimedia projects, PEF's impact grants equipped Andrew with crucial tools that fostered his creativity and leadership. These experiences – combined with college scholarships – illustrate PEF's vital role in nurturing Andrew's potential and guiding his professional aspirations.

Meet Amber

Amber Almond is an alumnus of Corona Creek Elementary, Kenilworth Junior High, and Casa Grande High.

Through impact grants and internships, PEF helped Amber find her calling in communications.

Amber credits PEF with providing significant networking opportunities and hands-on experiences that shaped her abilities and confidence. Today, Amber is thriving as a Marketing Coordinator for Beverly Hills Orthodontics.

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PEF Paves the Way for Harvard Grad

Joseph Wertz is an alumnus of St. Vincent de Paul Elementary and High School.

PEF’s scholarships helped Joseph pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. As he describes:

“The PEF scholarship receptions brought together some of Petaluma's best and brightest students. They highlighted the excellence in Petaluma and helped me believe in myself so I could pursue my passions.”

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Celebrating Potential with PEF's 2024 Scholarship Reception

On April 17, a supportive crowd gathered as PEF awarded $263,934 in scholarships to 289 deserving seniors.

These awards support students from all Petaluma area high schools in pursuing further education in colleges and vocational programs, highlighting PEF’s dedication to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

Join us in supporting the aspirations of Petaluma's youth by establishing your own scholarship fund today!

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Who We Are

The Petaluma Educational Foundation is a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization committed to creating impactful education opportunities within our local schools. Learn how you can become part of PEF and contribute to our legacy of lifelong learning.


Scholarship Program

Support students in realizing their dreams with a scholarship that will extend their learning beyond high school.


Fund the Future

Empower schools with impact grants that help level the playing field for students of all abilities and backgrounds.


Planned Giving

Make your mark on the community with endowments that build new educational opportunities and brighten our students’ futures.


Managed Funds

PEF manages over $5 million in endowed and Invested funds with clear donor direction as to how the funds will benefit Petaluma students and schools. Donate today and watch your impact grow for years to come.


We are a community of educators, students, and activists who are deeply committed to giving Petaluma’s youth the best opportunities to learn, grow, and build a better future. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or Petaluma resident, there are lots of ways you can make an impact.


"Without the PEF’s support throughout my education and the pledge of financial assistance through PEF scholarships, I would not have been able to achieve my academic dreams. Now it is my time to give back and help others embrace all the opportunities their futures hold."

Isabel M., PHS Class of 2010

Meet our annual Partners for Education

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Our community partners place education at the top of their philanthropic passions. That’s why they work with PEF to ensure that their generous donations have the greatest impact on Petaluma’s schools and students. To learn more about how your organization can support local education initiatives and help fund our community’s future through our year-round partnership program, please click the button below to contact us.

Become an Annual Partner for Education