Congrats to Our 2023-2024 Impact Grant Awardees!

PEF’s Impact Grants represent more than just financial support; they are a testament to our collective belief in the power of education. From enhancing STEM education with advanced technology to cultivating young minds through the arts and promoting emotional and social well-being, these grants cover a spectrum of needs that are crucial for the holistic development of students.

As we highlight each grant and the unique contribution it brings to our schools, let's take a moment to appreciate the collaborative spirit of our community. It's your support and belief in the potential of our students that transform these grants from mere funding into pathways for growth, innovation, and inspiration.

Join us in celebrating these remarkable achievements, and let's continue to work together to build a brighter, more creative, and thoughtful future for all our students!

Celebrating Excellence in Education with PEF’s Impact Grants

Engage, Inspire, and Lead at St. Vincent de Paul Elementary School - $14,686

St. Vincent de Paul Elementary School is set to transform its educational approach with Clover Sonoma's impact grant. This funding will introduce advanced technology into its curriculum, enhancing student engagement and fostering leadership skills. The introduction of these innovative resources is key to boosting academic performance and developing a generation of confident, tech-savvy leaders.

Performing Arts at Sonoma Mountain Elementary School - $14,565

Sonoma Mountain Elementary School's grant will upgrade its performing arts program's technical equipment. This enhancement, aligning with the school's focus on arts and music, is crucial for students' holistic development. It will provide a more immersive arts education experience, fostering creativity and improving academic achievement.

Wellness Center at Kenilworth Junior High School - $14,966

The establishment of a Wellness Center at Kenilworth Junior High School represents a crucial investment in the well-being of students. This center will nurture social, emotional, behavioral, and physical well-being. It aims to improve academic performance and emotional regulation, preparing students for both academic success and personal growth.

Take Home Reading Program at McNear Elementary School - $14,941

McNear Elementary School's Take Home Reading Program is a critical initiative for Kindergarten and first-grade students, focusing on early literacy. This program, highlighting the importance of reading outside the classroom, will accelerate literacy development, fostering a lifelong love for reading and laying a foundation for future academic success.

Cultivating Confidence, Creativity & Academic Excellence Through Music Ed at The Spring Hill School - $15,000

The Spring Hill School's music program is a comprehensive initiative aimed at enhancing students' academic and emotional development through music education. This program will boost cognitive skills, creativity, and confidence, providing a well-rounded education that goes beyond traditional learning.

Waughsome Gardens Are Good For Kids! at Meadow and Corona Creek Elementary Schools - $7,489

Both schools’ gardens have historically been a source of educational enrichment and joy for students, offering hands-on learning experiences that extend beyond traditional classroom walls. This grant will significantly enhance these beloved programs by providing new tools, garden supplies, and an updated curriculum. The revitalization of these gardens will deepen students' connection with nature, promote environmental stewardship, and continue to offer invaluable experiential learning opportunities.

Facilitate and Motivate Reading Access For Our Dual Immersion at Loma Vista Elementary School - $15,000

Loma Vista Elementary School's grant supports bilingual proficiency through audiobooks in Spanish and English. This initiative aligns with dual language immersion education, enhancing cognitive flexibility and cultural awareness, and setting students on a path to global citizenship.

LEGO Robot Update at Kenilworth Junior High School - $14,452

With the previous LEGO EV3 Mindstorm kits being retired, the transition to the new LEGO Robot kits, known as Spike, is essential for maintaining and enhancing Kenilworth’s robotics program. These state-of-the-art Spike kits will enable students to undertake a broader range of projects and participate in more categories at the Sonoma County Robotics Competition.

Wellness Center at Casa Grande High School - $8,995

Casa Grande High School's Wellness Center, supported by a dedicated grant, focuses on social and emotional learning. This program will equip students with skills in emotional intelligence and empathy, fostering a supportive school environment and preparing them for life's complexities.

Intro to Digital Media Equipment at Petaluma Junior High School - $14,560

Petaluma Junior High School is breaking new ground with its introduction of an innovative digital media elective, backed by a specialized grant for state-of-the-art equipment. This initiative is set to provide students with an exciting foray into the world of broadcasting, filmmaking, video production, and social media content creation. The equipment funded by this grant is not just about teaching technical skills; it's about bridging the gap with Petaluma High School's broadcast program, ensuring a seamless transition for students who wish to pursue this path further. This elective represents a unique opportunity for students to explore and develop their creative talents, offering a platform where they can express themselves and gain valuable skills relevant to the rapidly evolving digital media landscape.

PHS Studio & Field Equipment at Petaluma High School - $14,952

Petaluma High School is set to elevate its Broadcast Journalism program, thanks to a grant that brings cutting-edge studio and field equipment into the hands of its students. This funding will procure high-quality computers, cameras, and a livestream video switcher, essential tools to meet the demands of the program's growing enrollment in Broadcast Journalism 1, 2, and 3.

Gardening & Habitat Restoration at Cinnabar Elementary School - $4,117

Cinnabar Elementary School is nurturing young minds and the environment through its Gardening & Habitat Restoration project. This program is a beautiful blend of learning and hands-on experience, where students get to delve into the world of habitat restoration and agriculture. They will be actively involved in growing native plants and various crops, simultaneously gaining knowledge about plant science.

Manufacturing Course Grant at Petaluma High School - $12,000

Petaluma High School is set to revolutionize its manufacturing design course with the introduction of the WAZER desktop waterjet machine, made possible through a strategic grant. This state-of-the-art equipment represents a significant leap in technological advancement for the course, offering students a hands-on experience with cutting-edge manufacturing technology.

College Prep STEM Grant at St. Vincent de Paul High School - $50,000

Embracing the future of education, St. Vincent de Paul College Prep has been awarded a $50,000 STEM Grant, aimed at inspiring a passion for science, technology, engineering, and math among its students. This grant, supported by Special Donor Advised Funding, will benefit the entire student body, impacting 168 students across grades 9-12. The funding is a catalyst for integrating cutting-edge technologies and project-based learning, in collaboration with NEXMAP, to elevate the STEM program. Through this initiative, St. Vincent is setting a new standard for engaging, real-world educational experiences, ensuring every student embarks on a journey of discovery and lifelong learning. This grant was bestowed as part of a Special Donor Advised Gift.

Each of these grants, unique in their focus and impact, collectively weave a tapestry of enriched learning and growth, spotlighting the power of community support in shaping a brighter future for our students.

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