A PEF Student Success Story | Amber's Journey from Petaluma Student to Event Planning Professional

Amber Almond: Student Success Story
A PEF Student Success Story | Amber's Journey from Petaluma Student to Event Planning Professional

Discover Amber Almond's Journey from Corona Creek Elementary, Kenilworth Junior High and alumna of Casa Grande High to a communications professional. Explore how your support and PEF’s impact grants fueled her passion and success.

Amber Almond is a proud alumna of Corona Creek Elementary, Kenilworth Junior High and Casa Grande's class of 2020. She traces her passion for communications and her pursuits in this field at Cal State Long Beach back to her academic roots right here in Petaluma.

Amber's story shows us the power of community engagement as well as the key role PEF plays in nurturing its students' dreams and talents.

Early Engagement and the Spark of a Communications Passion

Amber's journey with PEF began in elementary school, marked by her first encounter with hand-held technology.

A PEF impact grant provided each student at Amber’s elementary school with Chromebooks. This initial introduction was more than just a classroom perk. It was a gateway that offered Amber the communication and creative tools to connect with the world in ways she had never imagined possible.

But it wasn’t until the seventh grade that Amber discovered her true passion for communications. At Kenilworth Junior High, Amber joined the KTV club, which eventually became a formal class with the help of another PEF impact grant. This moment was key for Amber, as it emphasized her growing interest in the field. The KTV club set Amber on a path toward her future career.

Deepening Involvement with PEF Through High School Internships

Throughout Amber's academic journey, PEF's impact was multifaceted. As Amber grew up, she realized the opportunities that PEF was providing. Amber was excited to get involved in any way she could so in high school, Amber became a PEF intern.

Under Maureen and Katy's mentorship, Amber played a key role in planning the annual BASH. She helped coordinate donations and vendors, ensuring the event's success. Amber recalls how this experience sharpened her organizational and leadership skills. It also strengthened her passion for event planning and community work, eventually earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies and Event Planning.

Mentorship, Memories, and Professional Growth

One of Amber's core memories is of coordinating BASH donations and vendors at just 16. It shows the trust and confidence PEF's program support instills in students. This memory also helped Amber find a sense of confidence at such a young age. Confidence, that continues to follow her through her endeavors now as she begins her professional career.

Another core memory Amber holds is the pride of being able to showcase her broadcasting work to her grandparents. Amber was able to invite her grandparents in during one of her KTV broadcasts, to not only show her hard work but also share her passion with the people she loves.

Embracing Opportunities and the Value of Hands-On Experience

Amber attributes her success and drive to her mother. Her mother taught her to give her all from the very beginning. She also taught her to explore her interests to find her passions.

For current PEF students, Amber emphasizes seizing PEF's opportunities. They range from scholarships to internships and more. Her advice to those interested in communications is to seek hands-on experience. These are invaluable for developing the skills and confidence needed in the field.

Amber’s Current Pursuits and Personal Insights

Now a college graduate, Amber is thriving in her position where she is putting her communications and event planning skills to work in real-world settings.

Through her studies and her work in Beverly Hills, Amber is engaging with communities and enhancing her professional experience.

We asked Amber "What message would you give your younger self?" Amber's response was genuine and something that we can all learn from... She simply said "I’d tell my younger self not to stress so much!”

This advice demonstrates PEF's commitment to creating educational opportunities. Opportunities that foster academic excellence and support student well-being. It reminds us that PEF's support in local classrooms and on area campuses goes beyond money or programs. It's about nurturing confident, resilient individuals who are ready to navigate life's challenges with a positive mindset.

The Enduring Legacy of Community Support and PEF

Amber Almond's success story is a powerful reminder for all of us. It shows the difference that community support can make for young people. Her journey was from a curious student in Petaluma to now a professional pursuing her dreams in Southern California.

Her story shows the lasting influence of the Petaluma Educational Foundation. Amber continues to build her legacy. Her story inspires current and future PEF students, encouraging them to dream big, work hard, and embrace opportunities.

Putting Education First for more than four decades has proven to build a foundation of learning for generations of students in our community. When you support PEF, you are supporting students like Amber. Make your pledge today to Put Education First with PEF.

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